Thursday, January 6, 2011

what is TIGHTLINING? n how it differ from applying regular EYELINER on the UPPER LASHLINE??

4 those of u who are still unaware of the term 'TIGHTLINING', it means applying eyeliner (gel, pencil, liquid etc. ) on your UPPER LASHLINE/WATERLINE, below your UPPER EYELASHES.. with this, the eyeliner is pushed into ur lashes, covering any gaps visible, giving it a more natural n subtle look of a fuller and thicker eyelashes..true story.. ^^

i prefer doing this rather than lining my eye on the upper lashline..bcoz i think that using too much eyeliner on the upper lashline somehow withdraw away attention from my lashes that i have been coating some mascara on..i want my lashes to stand out more, so dats y i don usually line my eyes n i did some tightlining instead (or, i just extend/wing d line from the outer corner of my eyes a bit to give an illusion of a longer and a more exotic almond-shaped eyes)

but of course, u have to be 10x more careful when doing tightlining bcoz ure working way too close too ur eye n that d skin area ure working with is very thin n sensitive ..u might as well line the upper lashline very very gently n be sure to have a stable hands so that u wont poke ur eyes

this is an example of b4 n after pic that i have found on the net : (no pic from me bcoz i don have a really good camera to capture it, juz a crappy old digital cam owned by my dad. tsk2 )

n this is the regular n typical way of lining the eye : so, which looks better n more natural ?? hehe
i bet u'd choose d above method

dat's all 4 now.. chao cin chao ("V")

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  1. agree , I would choose the above method :D lol tight lining all the way <3