Tuesday, January 18, 2011


2 posts in one night..yeah..hehe..too bored actually..so, decided to spend the night by doing something interesting.at least for me :P

i don really like using lipstick. bcoz it tends to dried up my lips..n having chapped lips is one of the most dreadful things i can imagine myself of having :( however, i still have a collection of lipsticks that i rarely used in my drawer (or should i say, only a couple of times?? haha).. i don even noe why i keep on buying lipsticks n in the end, all of it will become ... a DIY lipgloss :P
so, for an example (this is one of my prey.hahaha *evil grin)

this is my old (really?not really.only used it a couple of times..i told u b4) lipstick from avon cosmetics M401 in crystal coral..i don want to take d real picture of the lipstick bcoz it looks gross (there's a giant hole in which i made in order to take it out from the tube to make d gloss.hehe)

n im just using a vaseline and a toothpick to mix the ingredients together, resulting in a creamy glossy texture..

hahaha..i noe it looked so gross but who cares :P

as u noticed, im using my old contact lens case which i still kept.LOL.rather than throwing it in d bin, why don u reuse it.am i right?hehe..

ok..this is the finished result (a more decent picture 2 look at *_* ) . a nice pinkish lip color with a bit of peachy/coral glitter + moisturising effect from the vaseline that i used..

verdict : i <3> this more than its original form bcoz it doesnt dried up my lips at all..will be making more of it using diff shades of colour ("V")

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