Sunday, January 9, 2011

SHISEIDO - black n white mask

some said dat this product is not original and genuine..i'm like SO WAT??ive been using this for almost half a year now n all i can say is this mask is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING..

d texture is very tacky n a bit hard to apply it on the face but i's means lesser time for it to dried out before peeling it off from the hurts upon peeling (even had tears falling everytime i peel it off.tsk2)bcoz it removes and peels off any dirt, black/whiteheads and also ur fine facial hairs..

just apply it evenly on ur face (avoiding the eye area bcoz the area is very sensitive.u might not want to tug or pull the skin around that area)..let the mask do the job for about 10-15 mins (or until it has become totally dried out).u'll feel a tight sensation on ur skin (feels like having a botox injection on, although i never had one :P ).then, gently peel off the mask starting from ur chin area upwards..

after peeling, u'll notice dat ur skin might appear a little red. wat u can do is just take an ice cube from the fridge, then just roll it over ur skin to reduce the redness and also to tighten the pore back..u'll soon c a difference upon using this mask..reduced fine facial hairs n white/blackheads..ur skin will be more supple, smooth n glowing..

my point here is, u need not use products that are way too expensive, branded or whatsoever in order to get beautiful long as it works for u n doesn't cause any problems, just go for matter how cheap it is.. ALWAYS BE REASONABLE ^_^

here is my natural bare facial skin..just applied some moisturiser looks a bit oily but im telling u it's not doesn't feel like one..just looks like one :P

with my cute little love.arghhh..fugly eyebag.been sleeping late all this while..i blame it for dat :(

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