Wednesday, January 26, 2011

quick update.. how to make ur brown eyes pop

this is my current lens collection..

1) natural 3 tones brown (newly-bought)14mm
2) pink lens (forgot its name already.haha..sorry) 16mm
3) kira2 grey lens (so far my fav.hihi) 16mm
4) super barbie princess blue (a gift from my friend..thx dear *_*) 14.5mm

some of u mayb wondering what d hell am i doing with all these lens.after all, ure only using a pair at a time.haha.well, i kinda get bored using d same lens everyday.u noe wat i mean :P n fyi, im not using it just for fun (literally..d'oh), im kinda 'blind' degree power is 675 each eye. so, can u imagine me surviving without my lens/spec?huhu :(

ok.just a quick is my new eye makeup look using my new brown lens.not a really brown-chocolatey color, more like a golden honey color when i wore it.supposed to look natural bcoz it has 3 tones color, but i think it is the definitely the most unnatural one from the bunch :(

yeah,, i think GREEN looks d BEST for any brown-colored lens/eyes..b4, i never use green e/s bcoz i think it look kinda weird on my eyes.but with my newly honey-colored lens, i think d color compliments d green e/s so's d pic:

twilight eye?? it looks crazy..yeah, thx so much for d lighting for making my eyes look like a tiger's eye.haha :D although in real life it's not this bright, but it's still too BRIGHT 4 me ! but i kinda liked it

verdict: would i re-purchase it? no!definitely.haha

just so u noe..all my lens collection, i bought it from a friend of mine :

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


2 posts in one night..yeah..hehe..too bored, decided to spend the night by doing something least for me :P

i don really like using lipstick. bcoz it tends to dried up my lips..n having chapped lips is one of the most dreadful things i can imagine myself of having :( however, i still have a collection of lipsticks that i rarely used in my drawer (or should i say, only a couple of times?? haha).. i don even noe why i keep on buying lipsticks n in the end, all of it will become ... a DIY lipgloss :P
so, for an example (this is one of my prey.hahaha *evil grin)

this is my old (really?not really.only used it a couple of times..i told u b4) lipstick from avon cosmetics M401 in crystal coral..i don want to take d real picture of the lipstick bcoz it looks gross (there's a giant hole in which i made in order to take it out from the tube to make d gloss.hehe)

n im just using a vaseline and a toothpick to mix the ingredients together, resulting in a creamy glossy texture..

hahaha..i noe it looked so gross but who cares :P

as u noticed, im using my old contact lens case which i still kept.LOL.rather than throwing it in d bin, why don u reuse i right?hehe..

ok..this is the finished result (a more decent picture 2 look at *_* ) . a nice pinkish lip color with a bit of peachy/coral glitter + moisturising effect from the vaseline that i used..

verdict : i <3> this more than its original form bcoz it doesnt dried up my lips at all..will be making more of it using diff shades of colour ("V")

BEAUTY ON A BUDGET - restoring dried up gel liner

for the gel-liner fans out there..i believe most of us have experienced this situation b4..ive been using maybelline gel liner ever since it started being sold in the market..but after 6 months, d gel started to become dried out n since then, i'd stopped using eyeliner on a daily basis n just stick to using mascara only.bcoz i don like to use liquid/pencil liner.i don noe y :(

so, d ques do we restore our gel liner so it can be used again w/o spending a cents to buy a new one?well, here is d ans..
all u need is :

1)toothpick/satay stick/popsicle stick

2) eye-mo/eye-glo

3) dried gel-liner

no heat required..really?? yes! ^_^

I ) just add a few drops of ur eye-mo into the gel liner jar (2 -3 drops is enough, depending on
the dryness level)

II ) then, just mix the gel liner and the eye drop with a toothpick until u get a creamier texture as u preferred

n dat's's really that simple..i don noe how to scientifically explain how the eyedrop works but it really did work..amazing !! try it for urself n u'll be amazed.. i tried heating the gel liner near the flame and with a hair dryer but it took so much time n i was not very pleased with the result..found out that this method is the simplest, doesnt cost u any cents at all, n doesn't 'burn' ur fingers as well :P

Sunday, January 9, 2011

SHISEIDO - black n white mask

some said dat this product is not original and genuine..i'm like SO WAT??ive been using this for almost half a year now n all i can say is this mask is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING..

d texture is very tacky n a bit hard to apply it on the face but i's means lesser time for it to dried out before peeling it off from the hurts upon peeling (even had tears falling everytime i peel it off.tsk2)bcoz it removes and peels off any dirt, black/whiteheads and also ur fine facial hairs..

just apply it evenly on ur face (avoiding the eye area bcoz the area is very sensitive.u might not want to tug or pull the skin around that area)..let the mask do the job for about 10-15 mins (or until it has become totally dried out).u'll feel a tight sensation on ur skin (feels like having a botox injection on, although i never had one :P ).then, gently peel off the mask starting from ur chin area upwards..

after peeling, u'll notice dat ur skin might appear a little red. wat u can do is just take an ice cube from the fridge, then just roll it over ur skin to reduce the redness and also to tighten the pore back..u'll soon c a difference upon using this mask..reduced fine facial hairs n white/blackheads..ur skin will be more supple, smooth n glowing..

my point here is, u need not use products that are way too expensive, branded or whatsoever in order to get beautiful long as it works for u n doesn't cause any problems, just go for matter how cheap it is.. ALWAYS BE REASONABLE ^_^

here is my natural bare facial skin..just applied some moisturiser looks a bit oily but im telling u it's not doesn't feel like one..just looks like one :P

with my cute little love.arghhh..fugly eyebag.been sleeping late all this while..i blame it for dat :(

Thursday, January 6, 2011

what is TIGHTLINING? n how it differ from applying regular EYELINER on the UPPER LASHLINE??

4 those of u who are still unaware of the term 'TIGHTLINING', it means applying eyeliner (gel, pencil, liquid etc. ) on your UPPER LASHLINE/WATERLINE, below your UPPER EYELASHES.. with this, the eyeliner is pushed into ur lashes, covering any gaps visible, giving it a more natural n subtle look of a fuller and thicker eyelashes..true story.. ^^

i prefer doing this rather than lining my eye on the upper lashline..bcoz i think that using too much eyeliner on the upper lashline somehow withdraw away attention from my lashes that i have been coating some mascara on..i want my lashes to stand out more, so dats y i don usually line my eyes n i did some tightlining instead (or, i just extend/wing d line from the outer corner of my eyes a bit to give an illusion of a longer and a more exotic almond-shaped eyes)

but of course, u have to be 10x more careful when doing tightlining bcoz ure working way too close too ur eye n that d skin area ure working with is very thin n sensitive ..u might as well line the upper lashline very very gently n be sure to have a stable hands so that u wont poke ur eyes

this is an example of b4 n after pic that i have found on the net : (no pic from me bcoz i don have a really good camera to capture it, juz a crappy old digital cam owned by my dad. tsk2 )

n this is the regular n typical way of lining the eye : so, which looks better n more natural ?? hehe
i bet u'd choose d above method

dat's all 4 now.. chao cin chao ("V")

Saturday, January 1, 2011

MAYBELLINE the MAGNUM volum express mascara vs. STANDING OVATION lash lifting mascara from STAGE cosmetics


td g watsons crk mascara.sbb yg lama da nk kering n cam x bes g..n mascara mmg bende WAJIB pakai stiap kali kuar umh.x mekap, xpakai bedak muka pon xpe janji mascara pakai :P..kalo x pakai sm cam rs x pakai bj ( x pnh la x pakai bj kuar umh.gla hape.kat dlm umh pon tgk tpt la kan.haha)

mmg excited sgt nk bli mascara THE COLOSSAL volum express dr MAYBELLINE pas bc review kat tenet cm bes jek.mmg slalu bli brand ni other brands can beat MAYBELLINE when it comes to MASCARA, in my opinion..ok, sampai je kat dlm cpt je tgn ambk tube mascara kaler kuning n tulisan pepel kat bhgn maybelline..amk trus byr..x tgk2 g.haha..

da sampai umh,br prasan.cis!! yg i amik, bkn the COLOSSAL, tp the MAGNUM volum express..kciwa gak la..ingtkn sm sbb kaler tube mmg sm xpela..da bli da pon kan..pastu i wat la research ttg MAGNUM ni (cam nm aiskrim plak.nyum2 :P) pastu br la tau, the COLOSSAL n the MAGNUM ni sm je formula sbenanya (formula kat cni bknla formula matematik, juz ingredient n effect yg akn kte dpt stelh pemakaian )..juz yg membezakan cuma brush je..x caye, meh tgk gmbr d bwh ni :

p/s: brush the MAGNUM d atas ni xdela kaler kuning..hitam je..tipu tol gmbr iklan ni.haha

ok..nmpk cam sm je kan (failed..LOL)..lain sbenanya..nk lbh jelas?tgk kat bwh ni :

haa..kan ke buta je x nmpk kot.huu :( ..colossal nye brush lbh gemok, rpt2 n die nyer bristle lbh pnjg.. magnum plak kurus skit, jrg2 n bristle die lbh pndk..colossal ni xde jual kat mesia..kot..x pasti magnum mmg khas utk asian nyer lash yg lbh pndk n sparse la dr org ngara sn..yeke?xsume la.huh (bias la tu.huu.. ) i rs i lbh ska colossal nye sbb lash i jenis yg x la pnjg sgt tp blh dkatakan, mesti la nk kene pakai brush yg gemok tu spy sume lash kene yg volum' express hypercurl nyer xpela..dh xde, nk wat cmne?

b4 ni, ade gak brand2 lain yg i juz b4 ni, i pakai STANDING OVATION lash lifting dr STAGE cosmetic.. would i even give a standing ovation for it? i don think so..brand ni punyer formula agk x bes..die cam matte skit n x liquid btol cam maybelline, x smooth sgt ble pakai..satu je yg bes mascara ni, cam nm die 'lash lifting', die btol2 kasik curled lashes hold longer (i x pnh kot pakai mascara cmtu je.msti nk kene curl dulu..kalo x, bek x yah pakai)

yg i blh ckp, i lagi ska the MAGNUM ni more than STANDING OVATION..sbb bulu mata nmpk 2x lbh pnjg.rmbt pon sampai tsangkut kat bulu mata kalo ttbe rmbt cam tkena kat muka.btolll, xtipu...x caye, cube rsnye, ltk 1 coat da cukup i la..2 coat pon tgk org la.ade i tgk blog sape tah die pakai sampai 8 coat..adehh.mmg 8 kali lbh cpt habis die puner mascara.sbb kalo byk sgt coat, tendency utk bulu mata clumping lbh tnggi..xbes la,pakai scukup rs je la

n satu g, ade gak tgk yg br nye dr MAYBELLINE edition la.nm die MAYBELLINE X HELLO KITTY VOLUM' EXPRESS CAT EYES MASCARA..mmg KIUTTTTTTT habis..i honestly, i mmg SGT x ska ngn brush die..die nyer brush cam jenis volum' express cat eyes mascara yg lps2. jenis comb.xske..i penh cube n bulu mata nmpk cam clump/bgumpal.sgt x bes ok, wpun kiut..xpe..nnti i ltk je sticker hello kitty kat tube mascara skang pon sm gak kiut kan.haha

dat's all for now..bye!! ^_^ n HAPPY NEAR YEAR TWENTY-ELEVEN