Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BEAUTY ON A BUDGET - restoring dried up gel liner

for the gel-liner fans out there..i believe most of us have experienced this situation b4..ive been using maybelline gel liner ever since it started being sold in the market..but after 6 months, d gel started to become dried out n since then, i'd stopped using eyeliner on a daily basis n just stick to using mascara only.bcoz i don like to use liquid/pencil liner.i don noe y :(

so, d ques is..how do we restore our gel liner so it can be used again w/o spending a cents to buy a new one?well, here is d ans..
all u need is :

1)toothpick/satay stick/popsicle stick

2) eye-mo/eye-glo

3) dried gel-liner

no heat required..really?? yes! ^_^

I ) just add a few drops of ur eye-mo into the gel liner jar (2 -3 drops is enough, depending on
the dryness level)

II ) then, just mix the gel liner and the eye drop with a toothpick until u get a creamier texture as u preferred

n dat's all..it's really that simple..i don noe how to scientifically explain how the eyedrop works but it really did work..amazing !! try it for urself n u'll be amazed.. i tried heating the gel liner near the flame and with a hair dryer but it took so much time n i was not very pleased with the result..found out that this method is the simplest, doesnt cost u any cents at all, n doesn't 'burn' ur fingers as well :P

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