Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sparkly Purple Craze


1) never tug/pull ur skin when applying eyeliner..unless u want saggy eye area :) put ur little finger on ur cheek if ur hand is not stable

2) use tape if u're not used to 'wing'ing out ur e/s to obtain a crisp n symmetrical line

3) im using 2 mascaras here in this vid juz bcoz...bcoz..i long as it doesn't clump

4) i always use concealer as my base bcoz i don think there is' a need for me 2 invent any primer since my lids r not oily.(though i think there isnt really much diff between those 2 products).the concealer helps 2 adhere the e/s that we use on the eyes and also 2 brighten the area a bit

tq for spending some precious time watching *_*

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