Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my 'going-out' makeup routine - more or less :)

assalamualaikum.. (x jwb dosa.. ^_^ )

this is what i would do everytime im going out of the house..but sometimes, w/o any e/s on (too lazy.hehe :P) sorry the vid is quite long bcoz i absolutely have no idea on how to edit it..recorded using my webcam. therefore, sorry for the rubbish quality

ignore the crappy pashmina style im wearing.haha..i just pin it to the side and wrap it around my head juz for the purpose of filming. im not making a hijab tutorial here. so, u get what i mean..

wat i used:

SKINZ infinite eye revive therapy
garnier aqua defense moisturiser
maybelline angelfit liquid foundation in C01- nude
stage photo pro creme camouflage concealer in 06- honey
garnier light face powder in 01- ivory

88 palette matte e/s
in2it eyeliner pen in EP01- very black
stage e/s in 05- black tie affair (set eyeliner in place)

stage e/s in 01- french lace (cheek highlight)
elianto rosey cheeks blush

maybelline long extreme double stretch mascara

the face shop fresh lip balm in cherry