Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what is the secret behind a perfect make-up application ?

i believe that most of u would answer 'foundation', 'make-up base' etc.. but if u ask me, my answer would b a 'healthy porcelain skin'.doing makeup is like painting.but instead of using a drawing paper or whatsoever, u paint on ur face..therefore, u need a smooth canvas to paint on to get a nice painting rather than a rough one..

so instead of investing so much money to buy a good foundation to cover up d flaws, y not use that money to obtain a porcelain skin w/o d need to use any cosmetic products?am i right?

in my opinion, PEELING MASKS are the best to way to get a clear using shiseido black peeling mask (i think i've mentioned this b4.but umm..who cares?just so u noe..). this peeling masks help to free ur pores from any white/black heads and also will remove tiny facial hairs on ur face. enlarging pores happens when more and more debris/remaining makeup products accumulated into ur skin causing b/w heads. so, u might as well first remove it all.once it has been removed, ur pores will be reduced in size and ur skin will appear more clear and radiant

^my skin after peeling the mask off my face and some moisturiser makeup on and no editing..lashes look clumpy bcoz i applied some vaseline on it 4 conditioning. redness on skin will appear but it'll go away after some time

to wrap it up and having said that, grab urself a good peeling masks and experience the joy of having porcelain-looking skin like a doll!

that's all for now..bye ^_^


  1. tiba2 found your blog lepas google shiseido..hehe.where can i find it in kuching?ka ktk beli on9?

  2. x..mek riya bli d boulevard..kede stall nk kecik2 mek nangga nktk dh xda gk djual d cya..mask lain ada..dlk ada jwak d spring pasya kede ya dh xda, pastok xtauk gk mek cne ada jual.huu.kali d one jaya ada li..nk tpt jual circle lens byk2

  3. May I ask, where did you get the blue lens in this post? The brand? Thanks in advanced.