Monday, August 8, 2011

TIPS : How To Apply Makeup D Right Way

1) Foundation

* Always choose shades as close to ur skin tones as possible. U don't want ur face and bosy to look like 2 diff person

* U can use use hands/sponge/any synthetic foundation brush to apply it

2) Concealer

* Choose one which is 1 or 2 shades lighter than ur skin tone/foundation shade. Not only will it help to conceal the eyebag/dark circles, it will also helps to brighten the eye area for a more awaken & fresh look

* It is better to use ur finger to apply it as the warmth from ur hands will help to heat the products up slightly so it will blend better BUT remember not to tug/pull ur skin too much as it will cause premature wrinkles & damages ur eyes.

3) Face powder

* Dab the powder gently all over ur face using a big,round and fluffy brush just to set the foundation that u used earlier on. don't apply TOO MUCH otherwise ur face will look cakey (n also to retain the natural healthy shine n glow of ur face)

4) Eyeshadow

* Common mistakes : using 2 very bold/diff colours all on its own/independently..
When using 2 diff colours, ALWAYS use another INTERMEDIATE colours between the 2 colours that u're going 2 use to BLEND! For example, if u're going to use pink&purple e/s, apply the pink/purple first onto ur lid, then use another pinky-purple coloured e/s to blend the first colour BEFORE applying the 2nd colour

*When blending, use ONLY a round-tip blending which is meant for blending. Work it back and forth slowly until u achieve the perfect gradient, nott like 2 colours being placed directly onto ur eyes.

5) Eyeliner

* Use a liquid/gel liner first, then set it with a black e/s. And blend it slightly upwards for a more natural finish

6) Lash Curler

*When curling ur eyelashes, curl ur lashes at 3 diff places GENTLY ; from d part closest to d root of ur lashes, middle part and d tip of ur lashes. Do it several times until u get a really nice and natural-looking curls. (JGN ketip bulu mata sekali je dgn kuat, nnti bulu mata nmpk mcm 'PATAH' n bkn lentik!)

7) Mascara

*Coat ur lashes in 'zig-zag' motion so that the products doesn't clump all along ur lashes. After coating ur lashes with mascara, wait until d products have dried up BEFORE using another clean spoolie/mascara wand to separate d lashes and removing excess products for a 'cleaner' look.

8) Blusher

* Apply blush colour onto ur cheeks ONLY if u opt for a natural finish to ur face. DO NOT apply blush onto other parts of ur face (forehead, chin & nose) U want to look like u have a natural blush on like when u're shy where u usually blush. i bet u do not want ur face to look all reddish/pinkish like a 'prawn'! :P

9) Highlight

* Use a shimmering off-white/ cream colour to highlight ur cheekbones / d bridge of ur nose. n REMEMBER to highlight onto where the sun hits on ur face (highest bone on d cheeks close to d temple, bridge of ur nose, cupid's bow n above d outer parts of ur brows)
* DO NOT apply it too far in * close to ur nose because it will EMPHASIZES the pores on ur skin

Banyak lagi tp keterangan d atas adalah common mistakes yg slalu org buat. Semua d atas adalah dr rekaan dn pndngan sy sndr, ayt bkn dcopy dr mana2 webpage. Jika ada apa2 soalan, sila tinggalkn komen anda d bwh.. Sy akn cuba reply scpt mgkin..

Sekian, trima kasih ^_^

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