Saturday, December 18, 2010

tips on how to get the most perfect eyebrows

ever wonder why some of the hollywood celebrities have an amazing eyes?? it's certainly because of their perfectly shaped EYEBROWS!! ^_^ d general idea on how to shape ur brows follows these 3 simple rules; beginning, d arch of ur brows and where it's d picture :

1) ur brow should begin slightly outside the inner corner of ur eyes

2) d arch should be at the the same level of the middle of ur iris where u place ur brush at the end of the nose up towards ur brow

3) it should end slightly outside of ur eyes

n walaaa....a PERFECTLY shaped eyebrows! ^_^

i admit that shaping ur brows is not an easy task to takes years for me to really determine which looks best on me (true story..tskk2 )..but u just need to practice n practice.over time, u can master the skill as well..n remember ur eyebrows are 'sisters', not 'twins'. it's ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to have d same exact look on both of them. u'll notice one side will be a little teeny tiny bit (or more) different from the other side. as long as it's not too obvious, u'll b just fine..

eyebrows are a really important feature. it FRAMES and GIVES DIMENSION to ur face. for me, i prefer a REALLY defined and slightly arched brows just like megan fox n kim kardashian. wanna noe y? bcoz i can c dat it's d most suitable shape for me 2 (not too round n not too flat just because i already have a round eyes n oval face shape)..not that i want to look like them, but brows like them draws more attention to the eyes. i guess that's d reason y their eyes are the one people said to be ' A SEXY KILLER EYES' (well, besides d fact that they have a sexy almond-shaped eyes which i obviously dont have.. d'oh )


this is also an important aspect on how to determine which shape is suitable for u

1) OVAL - forehead wider than chin, prominent cheekbones, narrow chin

this is considered d ideal face shape..most of the people dreams of having this face shape(dats y there is a cream or whatsoever product to achieve that 'v' shape on ur chin. i somehow can't recall the product's name. n i wonder how they even works, like..really? :P)..ok, so the perfect eyebrow shape for this face shape is the SOFT ANGLED shape..the arch should not be too high or else it would make ur face seems longer

2) ROUND - width and height are almost similar

in order to make ur face appear longer, u should create a HIGHER ARCH to give an illusion of a more oval face shape. stay away from a round brow shape, or else it will make ur face appear 'rounder'

3) LONG - forehead, cheekbone and jawline are at the same width

if u have a long face shape, u should stay away from having a high-arched brows. u should stick with a FLAT brow shape..this shape is perfect for u. it shortens ur face and doesn't add more length to ur already lengthy face shape. (p.s :if u have round eyes in addition to this, add a little bit more space between ur eyelids n brows so that ur eyes will not appear hooded)

4) DIAMOND - highly angular, short forehead, widest at temples of the cheekbones

the most suitable shape for this type of face shape is the SLIGHTLY CURVED shape, just to soften ur face shape, in which d widest portion falls on d temples of ur cheekbones..d curve dat i'm talking about here is d slight curve dat u should made at the beginning of ur brows

5) HEART - similar to oval shape but with a more pointed chin

a low arch round shape brows are the most attractive for those with a heart face-shaped people

6) SQUARE - similar to long face shape but with a heavier and squared jawline

people with this kind of face shape have a square jaw which is certainly a very strong feature n sometimes, make u look slightly masculine. choose a THICKER AND CURVED shape to balance the look


  1. kenapa perempuan suka berhias ye? cantikk

  2. When writing a article you should use the proper spelling of a word. Otherwise enjoyed your piece.