Wednesday, October 13, 2010

...Herbal Essences...

tired of having damaged n ugly hair?? is a solution..ive been using this hair product for over a year now n so far been very happy with d using Herbal Essences long term is a photo of d product..

it basically prevent split ends and breakage..a few years back,i had had my hair permanently permed and after a years of having curly hair,i decided of having my hair straightened back..n these were actually one of the biggest mistake i made in my a consequences, my hair is getting ugly n my hair is having a pretty bad breakge and split ends.n although i had straigtened it, i don think it was as straight as my natural hair (up till now.huhu)

n then, i found this product n thank God, my hair is back to more split ends!yeay!! ^_^ ..i shampooed and conditioned my hair almost every day, especially when i feel like going out.i also use Herbal Essences long term rships hair mask every single day..hehe..i often heard dat shampooing and conditioning ur hair every day is actually bad..but i don think it does bad for my hair (d only thing is dat my hair has becoming too soft n too stubborn, dat it won't hold any hairstyle for a long time.haha..even with all dat hairspray,its quite hard to style n hold it into position.some even gave up n complained when they have to do coiffure/ 'sanggul' for my hair.LOL).well,im sorry about dat but i <3 my hair..hehe..n bcoz of my hair, i have won an award during my biotech dinner last year..there are 5 nominees n all are chinese except me but the winner is ME!!yeay.hehe..d award is called "Rapunzel's sister" (although my hair is not as long as Rapunzel n has becoming shorter ever since.haha)

so,if u long for a shining n healthy long straight hair, go for this product n experience the magic urself..u won't regret it..hehe


  1. rambut kmk gugor make tok..mok shampoo herba dr Himalaya juak nya..ngegeh!

  2. hehe..rmbt ktk high maintenance.huu